Saturday, 25 October 2014

Half Term Happy and Michelmas Merry....

Ohhhhh... It's Half Term, can you hear the sigh of relief and the popping of corks signals? A week to catch my breath and catch up on writing, making, enjoying family and..........whats the other thing, oh that's it...housework!
Its been a long half term and a busy one and everyone in the Freerange House was ready for the break. Our new cooker is installed and I'm really looking forward to using it more this week.
Yes its red - super fire-engine, hot jalapeno red and I love it! I did however join Slimming World at the same time it arrived and so its been used for little more than steaming vegetables so far - I can't wait to put it through its paces this week!

I have joined Slimming World - I know that many of the bloggers I follow have had great successes their so I thought I'd give it a go. 10 years of sitting behind a desk and driving to work have taken their toll! So far its been great - quite easy to follow without feeling as though we're being deprived, and even better...I won a slow cooker at my third meeting, so lots of new recipes to explore!

Campfire Stew with butterbeans (recipe to follow soon)
and I've got a new project underway - one that I'm super excited about and dying to write about but can't yet...soon, I promise...soon!
But back to half term...we will be
1. tidying the garden ready for winter
2. planting lots of bulbs (late I know but we never get them in till half term)
3. digging up dahlias and drying them ready to pot
4. carving pumpkins
5. helping my friends at Manor Farm Beef selling delicious Hot beef sandwiches at the Michaelmas Fair at Burton Agnes Hall (tomorrow if your in the area - come and join in the fun!)
6. conquering laundry mountain
7. celebrating my folks wedding anniversary
8. preparing freerangegirl for her secondary school visit (I cant believe its come round already!!!)
9. visiting dentists and opticians to make sure we're all in working order!
10. cracking on with the quilt i'm making for freerange nan and bionic grandpa

until then its an early night before another day at the Michaelmas Fair - I forgot to take pictures today so I'll take lots tomorrow - there are some gorgeous crafts and delicious food (especially the beef!)


Sunday, 14 September 2014

Cooker disaster...

Disaster struck this week when our cooker finally gave up the ghost (just after I'd agreed that Christmas would be at our house this year)...

It's served us well but over the past year the thermostat had started to play up and on Monday decided to call it quits completely. Something had popped the glass on the top which decommissioned one the rings but as the other four still worked we carried on regardless - but no oven or grill were the final straw. One trip to Currys (who were very helpful) later and our new one was bought, booked and delivered 5 minutes ago!

Here it is...
Now we just need the gas fitter to install it! I've had enough of electric hobs - I just prefer gas. It has electric ovens though so no fear of anything blowing out half way through a bake! I can't wait to unwrap it and play!

Monday, 8 September 2014

When courgettes go rogue...

One of our courgette plants showed no promise all summer. It flowered then the flowers would fall off and despite reguring checking not a single fruit was to be found. Until now....

Left entirely to its own devices, in the overgrown untended patch, the plant produced one solitary courgette, which grew and grew and..

...and I suspect wouldn't have stopped if I hadn't tripped over it whilst watering! Weighing in at 4.7kg, this hefty marrow is probably as woody as can be inside, but on the off chance it isn't....has anyone got a good marrow recipe that will convince my marrow phobic family that's its worth eating....suggestions please!!!!

Missing my spring garden...

I really have to do something about our borders, they look glorious in May but by August they're done for! I'm going to photograph them over the next couple of weeks as I plan for next year, but for now here are some of my favourite moments of early summer...



How quickly it goes! I'm already writing myself reminders to plant more clematis and alliums but to leave some space for later flowering plants too. Already counting the days till next spring!

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Beanbag for my boy...

So this started as a quilt...
That was the plan anyway, but between my boy and me we got a little impatient for something finished, something finally out of the project box and in use. 

So I made a back panel, 
I bought a zip and used up the leftover beans from the Honeybun Poufs and we transformed a never to be finished quilt into a beanbag.

It's great for chilling out on and boy hasn't been out off by the flowery fabric at (so far!). I'm especially pleased by these patches...

The campfire ones came from his favourite smart shirt, a gift from his godfather when he was just a wee one!